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My cat Frankie

Hey everyone, I'm Frankie!

It’s great to meet you. My name’s Frankie and I’m the lovable feline that resulted in the launch of the CollarCam!

I may look sweet on the outside but truthfully, I’m a bit of a troublemaker! 

My favourite activity is sneaking out of the house and disappearing for a day or two – which often made my owner Crissy worry about me!

Instead, she decided to attach a teeny-tiny camera onto my collar, to see where I would go… and uncovered all my secret hang out spots!


Hi there, I'm Crissy!

Intrigued by Frankie’s disappearances, I knew I needed a solution to see where he went.

With some 3D printing development and my miniture camera, I decided to attach the camera to Frankie’s collar and record his movements around the neighborhood. 

Funnily enough, I found that Frankie was being fed by a neighbor and saw he was hanging out with another group of cats on the block.

With my worry over, I’m now so excited to be sharing the CollarCam with you, so you can discover the secret world of your pet too!