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Collar Cameras for Cats

Top 3 Best Cat Collar Cameras
to buy right now... (and 1 to avoid!)


Cats are curious and mysterious creatures, and they love to explore the world around them.

Ever wondered what your feline friend sees during their adventures? Collar cameras for cats provide a unique way to experience the world from your cat’s perspective.

Whether you’re cat likes to hunt, nap or be fed elsewhere, collar cameras give us the exciting opportunity to see what your cat gets up to when you aren’t around! 

In this blog, we’ll show you the top 3 collar cameras for cats in the market today, allowing you to gain a look into their daily escapades and picking the device that is right for them.

We’ll also list one collar camera that we recommend steering clear of! 

When making the assessments for this blog, we looked at a number of important factors including:

  • Size and weight
  • Features
  • Price
  • Storage
  • Image/video quality

If you’re looking for a camera for your cat’s collar that is small in size but BIG in features, the CollarCam is the best device out there. Unlike other bulkier cameras, the CollarCam is designed with your pet in mind.

Weighing just 0.4oz (11g), and measuring 1″ wide and tall, the tiny size of the CollarCam doesn’t weigh your cat down, meaning more natural movement during their adventures. 

Not to mention super simple to set up and start recording. Just 2 clicks and you’re away.

The CollarCam also has motion detection mode meaning it only records when your cat is on the move, and infrared LEDs giving it night vision. This catcam is ready for all kinds of escapades! 

What we really love about this camera too, is that it can be used on any existing cat collar. It also comes in a variety of 6 colors, meaning you can match it to your existing collar or the personality of your fur baby.


Black cat wearing a camera on its collar

Included with the CollarCam is:

  • CollarCam HD camera
  • CollarCam secure rubber holder
  • CollarCam velcro attachment (choice of 6 colours)
  • 32GB memory card
  • Memory card adapter & USB reader
  • Waterproof case
  • 2x attachment fittings
  • 360 degree mounting bracket (suitable for dogs)
PreviewCollarCam Camera for Cat Collars
Size & Weight1" x 1" - 0.4oz (11g)
Video & Image QualityPicture Resolution: 1280*720

Video Resolution: 1280*720 30fps
Battery200mAH lithium battery
Motion DetectionYes
WaterproofYes (up to 98ft with case)
Night VisionYes
MemoryUp to 32GB storage

For those who are willing to splash out on their pet, the Insta360 Go 3 is a great option camera for your cat’s collar.  Tried and tested by cat influencers like Gonzo the Cat to create fun, adventure clips!

With it’s IPX4 water resistance and FlowState image stabilization, the Insta360 Go 3 produces ultra-smooth videos whenever your cat is out and about.

Definitely in the premium end of the market, the Insta360 Go 3 can be a bit pricey for most, but with that comes brilliant quality.

As the camera isn’t necessarily designed for cats, it does require purchasing a collar mount as an additional extra to the device. It also has a battery life of 45 minutes, so may only be best for short trips out!


Size & Weight49.4 x21.4 x 14.85 mm - 18.3g
Video & Image QualityPicture Resolution: 3040*3040

Video Resolution: 2720*2720 25fps
Battery310mAh lithium battery
Motion DetectionNo
WaterproofYes - IPX4 rating
Night VisionNo
MemoryUp to 128GB storage

If you’re not looking to spend much, Jukllezan have the camera for your cat’s collar!

Currently at under $30, this tiny camera is a great budget-friendly option to view your cat’s escapades. 

Whilst some users have complained about the attachment being flimsy or the camera being bulky, it’s hard to argue with the price. Especially when it also has night vision and motion detection too!

We like this camera as it has good features and doesn’t break the bank, though if you’re looking for high quality results you may wish to spend a little more on your collar camera.


Size & WeightNo size listed
Video & Image QualityVideo Resolution: 1080p
BatteryNo battery size listed
Motion DetectionYes
WaterproofYes - IP65
Night VisionYes
MemoryUp to 128GB storage

Go Pros are fantastic devices, that have a number of uses when out adventuring or exploring. Whilst used by humans and larger dogs as pet cameras, they may seem like a great option as a collar camera for your cat. However, the truth is we don’t recommend them.

Why can’t you use a Go Pro for your cat? Unfortunately, Go Pros are too bulky and heavy for cats to wear comfortably, whether that be under the chin or when using a harness. Having a pet camera that is matched to your pet’s size and weight is important not only for capturing the best videos, but also your cat’s health and wellbeing. 

Whilst it’s well known how good the quality Go Pro videos are, using them as a collar camera can cause strain and injury to your cats.

Therefore we recommend staying away from them for cat-ventures, and sticking to something smaller and lighter!

Size & Weight2.8" x 2.79" x 1.53" - 5.3oz (150g)
Video & Image QualityPicture Resolution: 12MP 30fps

Video Resolution: 4K 30fps, 1080p 240fps
Battery1160mAh lithium battery
Motion DetectionYes
WaterproofYes - to 131ft (40m)
Night VisionYes - Low light setting
MemoryUp to 128GB storage

If you’re looking to purchase a camera for your cat’s collar, there are a few things to look out for to ensure the device is well suited to your pet and you!

Size and weight

As mentioned previously, the size and weight of the collar camera is important for your cat’s wellbeing.

Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment and what they wear. Heavy objects can be uncomfortable and may cause your cat distress or even affect its behavior negatively.

When a cat is weighed down or irritated, you’re less likely to get quality footage as they won’t act as naturally when out and about. 

Smaller cameras are also likely to be much safer for your feline friend, with less risk of it getting snagged when slipping under a fence or in branches.


Cat Collar Camera Buying Guide


Another thing to think about when purchasing a cat collar camera are the additional features that the camera has.

Whilst the quality of the video is important, if going on night time adventures, or the reassurance it won’t get water damaged are crucial to you, there are cameras out there.

Also check what comes with the camera you buy. Some may not be designed for your cat and may require additional purchases, like a harness or camera attachment. The last thing you want to do after buying an expensive camera is needing to buy expensive accessories too!


Cats lead active lives filled with outdoor adventures. Therefore it’s best to get a cat collar camera that is robust and can withstand the elements and physical demands. 

Ensuring durability is also essential for the safety of your pet, as it prevents any potential hazards and better value for money by avoiding the need for frequent replacements, allowing you to capture your cat’s experiences over time effectively.

Cat collar cameras can be safe for feline companions when chosen and used thoughtfully.

By selecting lightweight and comfortable options, ensuring secure attachments and supervising initial use, you can minimize potential risks.

These cameras offer an exciting way to glimpse into your cat’s world and can provide valuable insights into their daily activities. With responsible usage, they can be a safe and enjoyable tool for cat owners to better understand and care for their furry friends.

Collar cameras for pets serve several practical purposes and offer various uses for pet owners.

Here we look at some of the main uses of collar cameras:

  1. Exploration and Adventure: One of the primary uses of collar cameras is to capture the world from a pet’s perspective during outdoor adventures. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or a day at the park, these cameras allow pet owners to see the exciting and sometimes unexpected experiences their pets encounter.

2. Bonding and Entertainment: Collar cameras provide an opportunity for cat owners to bond with their pets in a unique way. Watching the footage together can be a fun and interactive experience that strengthens the human-animal bond. Additionally, the captured videos often offer entertainment value for you, the owner, and even for sharing on social media platforms.

3. Behavior Monitoring: Cat collar cameras can help cat owners monitor their feline friend’s behavior and activities when they are not at home. This is especially valuable for understanding any destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, or unusual habits that may need attention.

4. Health Monitoring: Monitoring a cat’s daily activities through a collar camera can provide insights into their overall health and well-being. Changes in eating habits, activity levels, or signs of distress can be detected early, allowing for prompt veterinary care.

5. Documenting Feline Adventures: Many cat owners simply enjoy documenting their pet’s daily adventures for personal enjoyment and as a way to create lasting memories, especially when their furry friend has passed.

6. Neighborly Relations: In cases where your kitty roams freely outdoors, collar cameras can help address concerns raised by neighbors regarding a pet’s behavior, such as entering their property or interacting with their pets.

Getting a camera for your cat’s collar can be a fun and exciting journey!

Whether you’re looking to post their adventures on social media, or just create lasting memories of your pet, collar camera’s open up the world from your cat’s perspective.

There are a number of cameras on the market, with different features and price points.

Whichever camera you go for, ensuring the collar camera is both small and light is important to ensure a comfortable fit, and avoid distress for your cat.

Happy adventuring!